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How To Protect Your Smartphone

What precautions do you take to look after your mobile? Did you know over a third of UK smartphone owners make no attempt to protect theirs. Here at Cell Crazy we can help repair any mishaps but what steps should we be considering to protect our link to friends, family and of course online shopping!Of course there are some for simple things we can do such as investing in a quality case and a screen protector. However before making such a purchase have a think about what features are important to you, such as the case being waterproof, slim fitting, providing stand up feature, ability to hold cards and double up as a wallet or even battery charging to keep you connected whilst you are on the go.


smartphone passcode


Now we have protected the physical aspect of the phone, what else should we be doing to look after our smartphone?

  • Switch on the passcode lock and make sure it is not set to your birthday! The majority of smartphones now allow fingertip recognition preventing any one seeing your code being entered on the phone.
  • Ensure you keep operating software up to date and always back up your phone to either a cloud service, computer, or removable memory device. Should the worst happen and you lose your phone or break it beyond repair you can still get your data back, just remember to back up regularly. Most phones allow an automatic cloud update to be performed when charging and on Wi-Fi, switch this on and that is one less thing to remember!
  • Be App safe, only used trusted, reputable sources for apps such as the Apple App Store or Google Play. Before downloading new apps, check the reviews and comments from other users. In addition, check the terms before downloading, why does that app need access to your camera or microphone, do you think it should?


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  • Received a text message, Whats App or email from someone wanting to transfer millions of dollars to you that you won in a lottery you have never heard of? Don’t be gullible, delete anything like this straight away and do not click on any links they contain. This is an easy way for hackers to gain access to your personal data, bank details, passwords and they could even lock your phone and demand money to unlock it.
  • Find my phone, another easy and potentially very useful app to have switched on. Should you lose your phone, easily locate it using another iOS device, and if it has been stolen or you will not get access to the phone again you can wipe it remotely therefore protecting any personal data stored on it.
  • Notifications, have you got apps set to display notifications on the lock screen? If so, have a think about what apps are set this way and what data they could display. You do not want personal emails or messages being displayed that could give away sensitive information. Change the settings to indicate there is a message but not allow access to it until the phone is unlocked and the app opened.


Remember if your beloved smartphone does get damaged, the team here at Cell Crazy are on hand to provide free collection and delivery or walk in service for repairs and all work carried out has a 12 month warranty.


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