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Most Common Causes of Phone Breakage

Most Common Causes of Phone Breakage

Smartphone damage caused by external occurrences, such as accidentally dropping it in the sink or shattering the screen, aren’t the only factors why it can be inadvertently ruined. Most of the time, the little practices we do with our mobile phones contribute to its slow decline and it’s important to know these ahead of time to ensure that you maximise your phone’s lifespan.

Here are the most common causes and the few solutions you can practise to prevent from unintentionally breaking your mobile phone.

Leaving your phone plugged in

Once your cell phone is fully charged, it is advisable to not leave it plugged in. This only generates excess heat and consequently damages your phone. A couple of hours might not do much damage but leaving it overnight will definitely affect the longevity of your device. In relation to this, another practice that may slowly ruin your mobile phone is leaving it tucked under a pillow or on top of the mattress while plugged in because it is more likely to overheat.

Always draining your phone’s battery

Just like overcharging or leaving your mobile phone plugged in, always letting your phone’s battery drain will slowly cause the battery to deteriorate. So whenever your phone prompts you to charge your battery, plug it in immediately. This will save your phone in the long run.

Keeping your phone on at all times

Leaving your phone on at all times even when you’re not using it only burns through the life expectancy of your phone’s internal components quicker. If you are planning an activity where you will not need your phone, turn it off for a few hours. Shutting it off once in a while will not only give it the break it deserves but also ensure that your mobile phone is running smoothly and efficiently.

Exposing your phone to extreme weather

By now you may notice that most of the usual damage on phones is related to its battery. Being exposed to extreme temperatures can definitely affect your phone’s lifespan. It’s easy to forget to leave your phone under the heat of the sun while you’re at the beach or having fun in the pool. This can damage your mobile phone and cause it to overheat. Similarly, leaving it outside on cold weather can still cause harm to your phone by freezing its internal components.

Downloading malware

The internet is a malware cesspool. With all the websites you visit and all the applications that you download, it may not be avoidable that you accidentally download bugs and viruses that can affect your phone. If not checked immediately, a malware programmed to destroy your phone’s systems can damage your mobile device. You can prevent this by avoiding suspicious websites altogether and installing an anti-virus in your phone.

Filling your phone’s storage space

All mobile devices have limited storage space. With all the photos and videos we take and the applications that we install, it is easy to fill up our phone’s storage capacity. This practice however will only impair your mobile phone’s performance and slow it down. To prevent this, from time to time you can delete photos you don’t need or application that you don’t use.

We all know that no matter how much care we give our phones, accidents can still occur and cause damage to our mobile devices. This is why we at Cellcrazy are dedicated to provide you the best mobile phone repair service. We can even provide a free quote over the phone or through email. For all your concerns, please contact us on 01753 696664 or email us at

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