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If you are losing signal, wifi or cannot get reception, more than likely your antenna has been damaged. Then the service Galaxy S3 Mini Signal Repair will do for you. When your antenna breaks, your device will probably behave abnormally and the following issues may occur: your calls drop, data downloads slowly, your signal goes in and out, it shows no signal at all. Our expert technicians will replace the damaged part and make sure your antenna is fully functional again.

Signal repair service, can repair separately: Wifi, Antenna, connection, software, SIM fault, network, Bluetooth and related.

Galaxy S3 Mini Signal Repair

Our trained and certify technicians will repair or fix your Galaxy S3 Mini as quick as possible, fully test it and then return your device in excellent working condition after diagnosed. This is a fast service that you add with your main problem.

Please be aware that your repaired device does not include any other part. For example, the motherboard. If you think the impact may have damaged any other parts of your device. We recommend to book it in for our diagnostic service to make sure there are no further damages.

This repair service comes with a 12-month warranty! If your device becomes faulty, we will repair or replace free of charge*.

Cellcrazy have trained and certified technicians and only use Grade A parts for all repairs! We also have a no fix no fee policy! If we cannot fix your device and you have already pay, we refund you the money.

Want to have a chat with Cellcrazy and resolve all your questions online? Please click on balloon chat icon at the right button of the screen. If you still have any doubts or questions please check the FAQ’s Cellcrazy or call 0175 369 6664.


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