This is the Cell Crazy Refund Policy of E-commerce Platform Cell Crazy Mobile Phone, Tablet & Computer Repair Center

Cell Crazy Refund Policy

1.Under the Distance Selling Regulations, you have the right to cancel your repair contract within 7 days of us receiving your device. If you would like to cancel your repair contract, please email with your details. Refunds are processed within 3 working days.

2. We will not begin any repair work during the 14 day period unless you specifically request us to proceed. This is normally confirmed by email. For walk-in customers repairs will be started immediately unless you specifically ask us to delay the repair.

3. If you decide to cancel your repair before any work has been undertaken we will provide a full refund but will charge a return shipping and handling fee of £7.99. collection service.

4. If you decide to cancel your repair within the 7 day period, we will not be liable to pay for any postage/delivery costs you incurred in getting the device to us.

5. If you decide to cancel your repair within the 7 day cancellation period, refunds will be processed within 3 days from the date of request and repaid to the original form of payment.

6. Liquid Damage Service. This service is not a repair, but a thorough cleaning and inspection service. It does not guarantee that your device will be repaired, but simply that it is cleaned and fully tested. Should repairs be required e.g. replacement components, then these will be additionally charged. Once the cleaning and inspection service has been completed, the fee is non-refundable regardless of whether the device is repaired or not.