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Tips to improve iPhone and iPad battery life


At Cell Crazy we are offer battery repair services if you find that your device is taking longer to charge or is draining quicker than your bubble bath! What you should keep in mind is that time is critical when it comes to batteries, once the battery starts failing it will put added stress on other components of the device. In less than an hour, the technicians at Cell Crazy will replace the battery and fully test the device before it is retuned to you with a 12 month warranty.

There are some top tips we wanted to share with you to try before changing the battery on your device. Hopefully these will help improve performance and extend the life of your battery.

Phone Battery Charging

  • Turn on low power mode, using this option automatically turns off background app usage including mail fetch, downloads, app refresh. It is set to only turn on at 20% of battery life but you can go into settings and turn it on at any point.
  • Turn off location services, check what apps are using your location, do they need to? If not turn these off.
  • Shutting down apps used to be thought to save battery life however apple dispelled this explaining that when the app is then reopened it uses more battery power than just leaving it alone. Apps only run in the background if they are set to use background refresh, check what ones are and disable this function if you are concerned.
  • Facebook is thought to be the biggest battery drain on the iPhone and iPad. You can check battery usage of apps by going to settings>battery this will show you how much each app is using. If you are finding Facebook or other apps are a massive drain on your device it may be worth deleting the app and using the sites through safari instead.
  • Enable Wi-Fi assist, this will mean your phone will switch to using your 3G/4G data when the Wi-Fi signal isn’t strong enough but be aware this will use your data allowance so keep an eye on that.
  • Disable the motion effects that make the apps move as these use more battery to operate
  • Volume, Brightness and Auto-Lock settings can all be adjusted to aid in battery life preservation, turn these down to as a low a level as suits and you should see an improvement. Just don’t turn the volume so low you miss those important phone calls!
  • Switch off Bluetooth and WiFi when they are not in use to save battery life.
  • One final switch off, Siri is always running in the background so if you don’t use it switch it off as well.

Finally if all that still doesn’t make the battery last any longer come and see us at Cell Crazy and we can arrange battery replacement with a 12 month warranty included as standard.




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